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Our goal is to help people with disabilities to be treated
fairly at home, at work, in school and in our community.

Press Release - Deltona Discriminates Against People with Disabilities
Failed to Provide Access to Public Transportation for 12 Years

Contact: Jamison Jessup 557 Noremac Avenue Deltona, FL 32738 (386) 628-0295 January 6, 2014 Deltona, FL - Disability advocate Jamison Jessup has notified the City of Deltona
that its bus benches and bus stops are not compliant with laws that are designed
to make public transportation accessible for people with disabilities. In a letter to Dave Dennys, City Manager of Deltona, Jessup indicated that his organization, DiabilityFairness.org, performed inspections of 47 of the 163 bus stops located within
Deltona's boundaries and discovered that none of those inspected were compliant with
the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Jessup further informed Dennys
that Deltona's noncompliant bus benches and stops are a hazard to people with disabilities
who have difficulties sitting and walking. DisabilityFairness.org has demanded that Deltona agree to replace all of the noncompliant
bus benches, construct concrete bus pads and sidewalks, and provide advertising informing
the public as to the rights of people with disabilities.

"[Deltona] failed its duty to ensure the bus stops and bus benches were ADA compliant
for more than twelve (12) years," Jessup wrote. He warned Denny that he would file a
formal complaint with the United States Department of Justice and will refer aggreived
people with disabilities to an attorney if the city fails to immediately enter into a
settlement agreement. Bus benches in Deltona and other incorporated and unincorporated areas of Volusia
County are maintained by Waverly Media LLC. Waverly Media LLC has been the target
election law violations invesitagations and is presently being investigated by the
States Attorney's Office and Volusia County. Jessup also notified other Volusia cities and
the County of Volusia that his organization will soon be inspecting bus benches and stops
in their areas for ADA compliance. Jamison Jessup advocates for the rights of persons with disabilities. He regularly appears
before Florida's Division of Administrative Hearings and other Florida agencies as a
nonlawyer qualified representative pursuant to s. 120.62, Fla.Stat. and Rule 28-106.106,
F.A.C. He has experience representing clients with matters related to the federal and
Florida Fair Housing Act, Florida Civil Rights, Individuals with Disabilities Education Act,
Section 504 of the Rehabiliation Act of 1973, Americans with Disabilities Act and
other laws that protect people with disabilities from discrimination.

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